Valentine’s Day is upon us and we want to share the love. Yeah, we think of our loved ones and those who are important to us but what about yourself? We think you need to Treat Yo’Self. Wether it’s buying our gelato, getting chocolates for you and your littles, doing some yoga or just having a drink of wine before bed. (my personal favorite) You are worth it!

I have trouble with the above. I’m always work, work, work, and leave little time for me. I am my own worst enemy when it comes to just sitting and relaxing on the couch. I can’t do it. It’s actually kind of genetic. I come from a long line of workaholics. You have to be these days to #FarmOn but, here I am trying to kill it being a mom, gelato maker, farmher and a very, very amateur motivator.

Why? I bet you’re wondering right now, would I even attempt to be a motivator of any kind. Well, we need it. Our industry needs it. Our world needs it.


Part of the reason I started this side hustle of pedaling gelato was to help spread the love. Help make people smile and be happy! If the hard work from our ladies (the cows), myself and our employees help brighten someones day or moment. That puts the extra sprinkles on the top folks.

So this week we are #spreadingthelove with a sharable valentines made by me. To help anyone and everyone, not just your significant other as a reminder to treat themselves to a moment just for yo’self. Just for you. Here is a personal reminder from me to you every day this week. #staytuned.


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