Maisie’s Parlor

During our Main Street’s lovely renovation, we needed a way to keep Lucky Cow OPEN. We decided to create a trailer to serve our goods in a simple and efficient way. Fast forward to today, we use our trailer as an extension of our current services and make Lucky Cow MOOO-vable.

With the help of our Facebook friends, we dubbed our trailer Maisie’s Parlor to help keep our activities at both locations separate. Maisie is the name of the cow in our logo!

Maisie’s Parlor can be a fun and exciting addition to all sorts of activities. We regularly attend Farmer’s Markets, graduation parties, weddings, businesses, and more. We specialize in adding your touch to an event, from creating gelato sandwiches for a low-key wedding, themed milkshakes for a business event, or even samplings for public events. We can do A LOT in our trailer and would love to be a part of your event.

Look below to see our current events and available days.

Interested in learning more and talking about booking? Please click HERE on our google form so we can grasp what you may be looking for!

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