December’s Flavors- Let’s Break em’ Down

I get a lot of weird ideas for flavors. All the flavors I choose for December come from suggestions from customers, family, and friends! I have a mental list already brewing for the next year! The limits are endless! Anyhow, December. I can tell you’re at the edge of your seat, waiting for me to reveal…. The new flavors….

The old, but slightly different. 

Merry Mint- I released a sneak peak of this one last week and the response I’ve gotten has been tremendous! If you liked our Irish mint guess what? The base is the same, but with a holiday twist! Candy canes were crushed by Farmer Joe and sprinkled into the batch by me! It has a super smooth texture with lots of peppermint! And the color of it really gets you in the holiday mood. Who’s pumped? 

This next one surprised me. The flavor is great! I nailed the recipe in one try. That’s a win in the recipe creating world. I welcome, 

Ginger Cookie- I got the idea from a few people to use ginger snaps. I had actually planned on adding a few combinations to this thinking the snaps wouldn’t be enough. I was wrong! I made my first batch and everyone who has tried it said “don’t you dare!” Our base mix with a large pinch of ginger and crushed ginger snaps folded into the gelato after freezing and BAM. We got your christmas classic in Gelato form. I hope you enjoy. 

Lastly, the kinda-sorta left field flavor. Farmer Tim (Farmer Joe’s Dad) was lobbying HARD for this one. I was excited cuz well, to be honest were irish and we like boozy drinks. Judge if you must, but this flavor attempts to capture, the Tom and Jerry. 

Tom and Jerry- A mid-west Tom and Jerry consists of milk, eggnog, sugar, brandy or rum, and a pinch of nutmeg. This flavor is suttle and tasty. You get a lot of milk flavor but the brandy flavor bridges to the nutmeg for a delectable treat. I encourage those of age to make a “true” Tom and Jerry of their own at home with our gelato and a little more brandy. Kick that winter blues…..


Don’t forget your Variety Pack!

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