I come from a long line of farmers, not just the male kind either. Farm moms are a whole other breed of farmer. They can drive tractor in a pinch, provide the best care for the young stock, pull in a milk shift, make breakfast, lunch AND dinner all the while remembering what bills need to be paid and wages to be done. They say the average mom does 3-4 jobs in one day, farm moms do 5-6 I would guess. They say a man is as good as the partner he chooses and in the farming industry he better choose wisely. This ain’t for the faint and farm moms hold a huge place in my heart.

I had many farmers wives to look up to in my youth and my adulthood. Neighbors, grand mothers, my own mother and mother in-law. They were all the best care takers and also the best in the kitchen. I don’t know about you but farm wives can make a meal. Hitting all the food groups and heavy on the dessert. Just the way the farmer liked it.

My Mother in-law makes the best headliners. Beef, pork, or chicken doesn’t matter it’s fantastic, Every. Single. Time. She makes it look effortless! She can feed a group of 20 in one afternoon and no prep. Trust me I’ve seen it.

My Mom makes the best side dishes, her cheesy chicken rice and broccoli compliments any get together. I could eat it as a whole meal. I’m pretty sure I have once or twice. Her Thanksgiving turkey is always on point. **chef’s kiss!**

My Grandma Beth, let me tell you. Could write her own cookbook. I would have to say her best would be her bars. In the family we just refer to them as Grandma’s Bars. Everyone knows what you’re talking about. No questions asked. If by chance she set them out before the meal, they would be gone before the main course. She would cut them in 1 inch squares sometimes I think hoping they might last at least til mid afternoon. Ha ha they didn’t.

My Grandma Beth recently brought me a couple pictures she had found of me. One was me pretending to drive a random car. We believed I was not yet 16. We joked we had no idea who’s it was. The next was me holding a pie. She said, see! You were good at being a baker way back then! I was 15 and 98% confident I didn’t make that pie. She said sure you did your holding it! I didn’t have the heart to tell her I’ve never been partial to pie so the odds of me making one were pretty slim. She then made me swear that I would post this picture on Facebook so everyone could see and know how I started. I believe we’re always going to be at odds on who made it but she made me swear so I have disclosed the said picture.

I have been waiting to post about it because well, I wanted to wait for Mother’s Day. The women in my family are strong, willful to say the least and the most heartfelt people you will ever meet. They do so much for so little return. I wanted to dedicate this Mother’s Day to my Grandma. For always being the pin that has held our family together through the good and the bad. She deserves way more than a blog post. She deserves a damn medal. And so does her bars!

This Mother’s Day in a salute to my Grandma I will try to do her justice with making her famous bars. DO NOT ask me the ingredients or the calories because sometimes you deserve a treat with no calorie count.

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