Formulating the Magic.

I have been testing recipes for months. Some have gone horribly wrong, and some have gone off without a hitch. Either way, my family has loved this new obsession of mine.

YOU get gelato and YOU get gelato! Everybody gets GELATO!

I gonna be real with you though, most of my recipes were found online and I have tweaked or molded them into something of my own. It has been a struggle however to find the ingredients that I wanted. I wanted quality and bold flavor. I wanted ingredients that you could read and understand on the label. It’s easier said then done! I could have just bought mixes and threw them into the machine but me being the stubborn farmer that I am wanted to do this MY WAY.

Que Limp Biscuit!

So I finally found a supplier that had natural extracts and ingredients that weren’t a page long to read. Then I began reformulating and doing mini science projects. I really challenged my middle school science knowledge when I began finalizing these recipes. I hypothesize, if I add chocolate chips to this recipe it may decrease the acidity of the flavor and become more palatable……

This is my kinda science project!

The best part of all of this is the potential. The potential that someday, the milk I use to make these recipes I have worked so hard on will be from our own ladies. Friends, I have made gelato from our cows and it is fantastic. But, I look at it like this, by buying milk from the store I am not only helping myself. I am helping the farmer that made this milk. I am adding another quality milk product on the market and in turn reviving my hope for the industry that has captivated our family to work so hard to stay a part of. Baby steps, my friends, baby steps.

This next week I hope to bring you into my laboratory, eh, I mean kitchen and give you a behind the scenes of how its made. Soon it will be available for retail. I’m so close I can taste it! Quite literally…. I appreciate all who have expressed interest in tasting and to those who have been my test dummies these past months. You know who you are! And finally to those who have been patiently waiting, I think it will be worth the wait.

Until next weeks blog!


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