Since starting this new and exciting experience I have found many new things about myself, the farm, and our product. Most of which have been positive experiences that I sum up to be the learning curve of starting a new business from scratch. However, I cannot take all the credit. I have had tons of help and advisement. And most of all the babysitting and moral support. I would not have made it this far without the friends, family, and advisory committee that I keep secretly under my belt. You know who you are! 

It may be a surprise to some but choosing a product like Gelato was not easy. We’re going down a very Untraveled road. On purpose. We (Joe and I) feel our area deserves more dairy choices and diversity and we felt that Gelato fits that mantra. On that note, having done many science experiments and trials on certain products, it has really tested my 5th grade hypothesis training. But I’m here to tell you months later I think we have a pretty good product. If I didn’t think so I wouldn’t be putting all my effort and spare time into this endeavor. Some things I really want to take time to delve into in the future is flavor profiling. Having each bite have a plethora of different notes and flavors that hit you as you enjoy our Gelato. Sounds fantastic doesn’t it?

As for the farm we have found a new routine. Some duties have been shifted and some new faces may appear. I’m still there every day which is something I don’t want to change. We’re doing this so we can keep doing what we love, just doing it a bit differently. Our winter goal, whenever we’re done harvesting to concentrate on moving Gelato production to the farm. Our ultimate goal. Stay tuned of those developments on our social channels. 

Me. The biggest learning curve to date. My biggest challenge has been something so simple. Something everyone can do but challenges to accomplish every day. Asking for help. I’m always afraid of someone saying no, and thinking that I can’t handle the situation on my own. It is a farmer trait I think passed down from one stubborn generation to another but I’m working on it. On a recent trip I took a teacher gave us some pretty awesome advice and in a pretty selfless perspective. 

“If you don’t tell people what you want or what you want to achieve, how do you expect people to help you? How do you expect to accomplish big things? You can’t do it yourself.” 

Rachel Sauvola- New Richmond, WI

Trust me, this woman has done some big tremendous things. I have swallowed my pride and have asked the questions and have gotten uncomfortable. The result? What you see before you. I’ll keep you updated on this wild ride and hope that you enjoy lickin’ our gelato as much as we like making it! 

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