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The McComish family has been working the land in Seymour township since 1874. We take great pride in our ancestry and look forward to the future of our business and livelihood. When the McComish’s first settled here from Ireland they milked cows and cropped the land. We continue that tradition today by milking 220 cows and cropping 2,000 acres of corn, soybeans, wheat and alfalfa. 


– HOME is where the HERD is.-


Our dream for the future of our farm is to create a product from our milk. We researched and taste tested to find a product that would fit us and our ideals. Then we found gelato! It’s like ice cream but better! More creamy and less fat. What a winner! Our goal is to make a fun and delicious treat for all.

Highly Calf-enaited- is our coffee gelato. We put in some cold brew coffee, with expresso powder to got it a sweet kick! If you are a coffee lover be sure to message us on giving it a try!


Interested in buying or selling our product in your restaurant or store? Send us a message below!

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2 thoughts on “Welcome to our Farm

  1. Angie Feider

    Gelato was awesome !! All the six flavors were delicious indeed! Keep up the good work 😊

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much Angie! Let us know when you need so more! 😉


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